Do you need help growing your handmade business? Would you like to narrow down your focus to strengthen one skill set like creating amazing newsletters, growing your wholesale business or making better customer connections?

Are you in need of someone to bounce ideas off of or looking for some mentoring? Are you trying to start your business but not sure how to go about getting it off the ground?

I’ve been there…
Running a creative business is filled with highs and lows. Sometimes you need an unbiased, helping hand to sit down with you and turn those ideas into action plans.

I’ve been running my own creative business for over 10 years. I’ve seen friends go through it all. While we, as makers, own a DIY approach to our business we only grow when we get help. When we let go of the things we cannot achieve and start embracing new tools and practices that allow us to manage the business instead of letting the business manage our lives.

My approach to coaching is learning more about where you are in your business. We find your strengths and use those skill sets you already possess to help get you to where you want to be, one step at a time. This is not a magic pill formula but with hard work, lots of hustle and some honest reflection at the state of your business we build up your craft together.

The whole enchilada:
4 – 60 minute sessions at $350.

Introduction phone call. Let’s make sure we are a good match.
Session 1: We break down what you are doing well. What you love and like about your business. We pin point what area of growth you need for right now.
Sessions 2-4: Based off of what you deem most important to your business, we spend the remaining session diving deep into new ways to get you to the next step of growth.

Each session is booked 1 week apart and will come with homework.
Determine if you want to meet online or in person. In person sessions must be willing and able to meet in Columbus, Ohio.

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